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Namco Museum Battle Collection was released for the Playstation Portable in 2005.


This edition of Namco Museum contains over 20 Namco games such as Pac-Man and Galaga also including "The New Arrangement".

Some of the games

  • Pac-Man Arrangement (2005 Version)
  • Galaga Arrangement (2005 Version)
  • New Rally-X Arangement
  • Dig-Dug Arrangement (2005 Version)
  • Pac-Man
  • Galaga


  • The Japanese version is divided into two volumes with the 2nd volume containing three extra games, Dragon Spirit, Moto Arrangement and Pac-Man Arrangement Plus.
  • The Arrangement games are not the same as they were in Namco Museum (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube) instead they are entirely new games.